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Ikebana Arrangement Advanced Course for $280

For those who have sufficient experiences in Ikebana arrangements


Ikebana Arrangement Advanced Course is offered for those who satisfy one of following conditions:

1. Students who already completed Ikebana Arrangement Intermediate Course at our school.
2. Students who have sufficient experiences in Ikebana Arrangement and would like to continue taking
    lessons of Ikebana art.

Left side photograph shows Ikebana Arrangements featuring curly willow which is designed to emphasize grace of linear curve. Right side is just a standard Ikebana arrangement which uses Suiban (shallow type container) and Kenzan (Frog: Needlepoint holder). By attending Ikebana Arrangement Advanced Course, you can brush up on your current arrangement skills and also expand the portfolio of your Ikebana designs.
All you have to pay is $280 which covers 7 designs recommended for people who are well experienced in Ikebana (The fee for certificate and final exam is separately charged).

(1) Not for training students to become an instructor:
None of courses introduced in this page is designed for training students to become Ikebana Instructor. All Ikebana courses we offer are designed so that students can enjoy Ikebana arrangement strictly for personal hobby. Even if students completed all the requirements for this course or passed the final exam for the course, they are unable to obtain a certificate of Ikebana Instructor.
(2) Nature of curriculum:
The curriculum of Ikebana Courses we offer is designed so that local students in the United States can easily learn Ikebana. Therefore the number of designs and the level of designs as well as the curriculum of each course are different from the original ones used by most Japanese Ikebana schools or organizations which usually use much more difficult and longer period of program.
(3) Instructor Course is not offered:
California Flower Art Academy does not offer any Instructor Course for Ikebana Arrangement.
(4) Fee for exam and certificate:
The fee for a certificate and final exam for obtaining a certificate is not included in the above price and shall be separately charged.
(5) In order to obtain a certificate of completing the course, students must take the final exam after attending all the lessons and pass it.
(6) Only students who successfully passed the final exam shall be considered to have satisfactorily completed all the requirements for the course.
(7) Fee for Kenzan and Suiban:
The fee for Kenzan and Suiban is not included in the above mentioned lesson fee. If you have your own Kenzan and Suiban which fit the type of arrangement, you can use them during a lesson. If you do not have these items, you can buy them at the classroom for $50 covering both items.
(8) Certificate:
The certificate issued by our school is described in English. This certificate is issued by California Flower Art Academy according to its own internal rule and it has nothing to do with endorsement, certifications, qualifications, credentials or authorizations by any governments or governmental organizations, private associations, schools or organizations other than California Flower Art Academy.  

You can take lessons per this course not only on weekdays but also on the weekend. As far as space is available, you can start taking lessons at any time you like. Our unique hands on training will make it possible for you to earn high level of Ikebana arranging skills. You will enjoy friendly instructions from Ikebana instructor (certified in Japan) with over 30 year experiences in teaching Ikebana.

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