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Fresh Flower Arrangement Instructor Course


To whom it may concern:

We are pleased to provide you with following information so that you can fully understand about this particular course:

(1) Qualification for joining the Instructor Course:
In order to enroll at this course, it is mandatory for you have already completed other courses such as Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Course (“Elementary Course”, “Intermediate Course” and “Advanced Course” respectively).

(2) Fee:
Please contact for the lesson fee. The lesson fee shall be changed from year to year and subject to change. Even if you find a lesson fee on the site other than our own website, it MAY not be updated and no longer effective.

(3) Curriculum and Outline:
CFAA will provide you with lessons covering the following curriculum and outline:

1. Flora Design History (this may be skipped)
2. Floral Color Coodination- a
3. Floral Color Coordination-b
4. Floral Color Coordination-c
5. Floral Color Coordination-d
6. Floral Color Coordination-e
7. Floral Color Coordination-f
8. Floral Color Coordination-g
9. Mixed Color Style Design
10. Hand-Tied Bouquet (Round)
11. Procurement of Floral Materials
12. Procurement of Floral Materiasl
13. Processing Floral Materials after procurement
14. Processing Floral Materials after procurement
15. Processing Floral Materials after procurement
16. Experience of Instruction at Class Room
17. Experience of Instruction at Class Room
18. Experience of Instruction at Class Room
19. Experience of Instruction at Class Room
20. Experience of Instruction at Class Room
21. Radiation Type Design
22. Pyramid Type Design
23. Spiral Type Arrangement
24. Combination Style (“L” Shape & Crescent)
25. Combination Style (Crescent & Spray Shape)
26. Combination Style (Crescent & “S” Shape)
27. Double Pattern Design
28. Wreath Double Pattern
29. Magnolia Style Design
30. Free Display Style Design

(1) The fee for a certificate and final exam:
The fee for completing the course and taking the final exam for obtaining a certificate shall not be included in the above mentioned price and shall be separately charged.
(2) In order to obtain a certificate, students must take the final exam after attending all the lessons and pass it.
(3) Only students who passed the final exam shall be considered to have satisfactorily completed all the requirements for the course.
(4) The information stated in this page (including the contents of curriculum and also the lesson fee) shall be subject to change. Students are requested to contact California Flower Art Academy to confirm the most current curriculum and also the lesson fee before enrolling in this course.

Thank you for having interest in CFAA’s Fresh Flower Arrangement Instructor Course.

Sincerely yours,

Mieko Martha Hirano
Managing Director
California Flower Art Academy

For further details about our school, visit

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