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Fresh Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course

Outline and Curriculum of Intermediate Course

Outline of Intermediate Course

The Intermediate Course for Fresh Flower Arrangement offered by CFAA (California Flower Art Academy) covers more creative skills, beyond the level of Elementary Course, required for flower arrangements and floral design made by florists.  In order to join the Intermediate Course, it is necessary for students to have already finished the Elementary Course. Although this course covers creative skills which may be required for working at florists, students who are looking for the really professional level of skills are highly recommended to proceed to the Advanced Course.

The total fee for attending all the lessons for Intermediate Course including flowers, floral foams and container is $714.00 (small fee for the basket for basket arrangement will be separately charged). The fee for issuing the official certificate is separate.

The curriculum of Intermediate Course is as stated below:

Basket Arrangement
(Arrangement from all angle basket)

Vertical Arrangement
(The style utilizing the front side. The balance between the vase and floral materials)

Triangle Arrangement
(Applied version derived from the basic Triangle Arrangement)

Diamond Arrangement
(The contrast between twig and floral materials)

Cylindrical Oval Shape Arrangement
(Oval Style Arrangement for Center Piece)

(Flower Wreath with wiring)

Cylindrical Diamond Arrangement
(Diamond Shape Arrangement for Center Piece)

Fruits Arrangement
(Combination and Contrast of Fruits and Flowers)

Fruits and Vegetables
(Combination and Contrast of Fruits and Vegetables)

Fan Shape Arrangement
(Setting up the Length and Angle consisting of the shape of Fan)

Cascade Arrangement
(Setting up the Length and Angle consisting of the shape of Cascade)

Gift Spray Arrangement
(Line structures for Gift Box and Selection of Materials)

Wine and Brandy Arrangement
(Gift Arrangement using Whisky or Brandy Bottles)

Advanced Crescent Arrangement
(Applied Version of Crescent Shape)

Advanced “S” Shape Arrangement
(Applied  Version of  “S” Shape)

Parallel Arrangement
(Belt Shape Design used for Center Piece. Applied Design based on Oval Shape)

Inverted “T” Shape Arrangement
(Combination of wrapping and ribbons with a simple container)

Advanced “L” Shape Arrangement
(Techniques for twig and leaf materials)

(1) In order to get a certificate for completing the course, it is necessary to take the final exam after attending all the lessons and pass it.
(2) Fee for the final exam and certificate:
The fee for issuing a certificate and taking the exam for getting a certificate is not included in the above mentioned price and shall be separately charged.
(3) Only students who passed this final exam shall be considered to have satisfactorily completed all the requirements for the course.
(4) When attending a lesson of basket arrangement, a small amount of fee for procuring a basket will be charged separately from above mentioned lesson fee.
(5) The information stated in this page (including the contents of curriculum and also the lesson fee) shall be subject to change. Students are requested to contact California Flower Art Academy to confirm the most current curriculum and also the lesson fee before enrolling in this course.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (

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