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Bored With Flowers ? Then Use Vegetables

Fruits And Vegetable Arrangement

If you are tired of using ordinary kind of materials for floral designs OR if you would like to change your mind in the choice of floral materials, you can challenge using things from your garden such as vegetables and fruits. Of course you can make the best use of garden items stored in your refrigerator. If you like you can go to a grocery store nearby for buying whatever kind of fruits (or vegetables) you want to use for your decoration. It COULD be a good idea to make a beautiful design for your office. At the reception of the entrance, you can display a unique vegetable and floral arrangement. Visitors to your office may be surprised and pay special attention to your unique decoration. California Flower Art Academy has been engaged in teaching a variety of floral arrangements since the foundation back in 1990. We offer classes on a regular basis not only on weekdays but also on the weekend as well to support busy people like you. If you love flowers and want to earn practical skills of floral designs, we are more than happy to help you so that you can become a floral artist. Uncountable number of people learned at our school. And many graduates are now enjoying to make their own floral decorations not only for hobby but also for business. Some people are running floral shop. Some are teaching floral arrangements by opening their own classes. Some are making money by offering funeral floral decorations. From student to student, the purpose of learning floral arranging is different. One common point is that every single student likes flowers and they love floral decorations. California Flower Art Academy offers a wide range of programs from Ikebana to European floral arrangement, from Wedding to Funeral Designs, from beginner to professional levels.  If you are interested in learning floral designs at California Flower Art Academy, please do not hesitate to contact We help you make a difference in floral art. 

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