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Wedding Pomander & Flower Ball

Learn How To Make Mandatory Items at Wedding

You may find flower balls at wedding parties. This is called wedding pomander ball or bridal pomander. They are often used for decorating chairs at wedding ceremony or often held by a bride. Historically pomander was a ball made of perfume and it was believed to protect against infection especially in times of pestilence in Europe. Nowadays this is made of flowers and has become one of mandatory floral decorations at the time of weddings. California Flower Art Academy teaches how to make a wedding pomander ball to students who belong to Wedding Floral Decoration Advanced Course. By joining this course, you can learn 5 different kinds of floral designs (pomander is one of these 5 designs) which are often used for weddings.

All you have to pay is only $298 to complete all the curriculum of this course. This fee covers not only tuition but also flowers as well as all materials used for floral designs. It is a time consuming job to make a pomander. But you can try at the classroom of our school. Classes are offered not only on weekdays but also on the weekend. You can take lessons at our San Jose main classroom in Silicon Valley or Burlingame extension class near San Francisco Airport. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can easily commute to and from our school. Our well experienced instructor teaches you by way of ONE ON ONE instructions of hands on training. Photos in this page show some of examples of wedding pomander balls.     

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