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Hobby of Floral Design Makes Your Life Enriched & Fruitful

Not Only for Hobby But Also for Business

The pictures in this section show floral designs made by our students at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy. No matter what kind of hobby you have, if the skill and knowledge of your hobby are of decent level, it often helps make your life enriched. Suppose your hobby is cooking and you are a very good cooker, your eating life must be very enjoyable. And you may be able to give your friends advices about cooking. Eventually you may teach how to cook to other people. If your hobby is swimming, making exercise greatly contributes to keeping you very healthy. You could work as a life guard at a swimming club or as a swimming instructor. If your hobby is painting, you can enjoy having your own time to enjoy working on art and you may have opportunities of applying for an art contest. The situation related to floral design is the same as mentioned above. If you earn decent skills of floral arrangement, you can enjoy making your own designs of floral decorations at anytime you like. Suppose you are invited to a party at your friend house, you can bring a unique gift of your own floral arrangement which must be more appreciated by your friend than a gift you purchase in the market. Also you can work as a volunteer offering floral decoration at a church. If your goal is doing floral business, you COULD work as a floral designer at a floral shop or you can open your own floral shop. If your friend gets married, you can offer wedding floral decorations at an attractive price to your friend. There are so many opportunities to enjoy the hobby of floral arranging as a hobbyist or professional flower designer. California Flower Art Academy is approached by various types of students. Some of them want to learn just for hobby to enjoy floral arrangements. Some of them would like to learn so that she can help her friend for a wedding floral decoration. Some want to earn practical skills for opening a floral shop. And some want to become a wedding floral decorator. From person to person, the goal and purpose of learning flower arranging are different. However the common point among students is that everybody likes flowers and the art of floral arranging. Even if they cannot make use of their skills for floral business, they are fine. As far as they can enjoy and appreciate floral arrangements by themselves, most of students must be happy. California Flower Art Academy is more than happy to help you achieve your goal in learning floral art by offering a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS. If you would like to earn practical skills of floral designs, please contact  We are more than happy to help you make a difference in floral art. Classes are offered not only on weekdays but also on the weekend at our San Jose main classroom (Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley) and also  Burlingame extension class near San Francisco Airport. You can start taking lessons at anytime you like. Many students start from Introductory Trial Budget Program for only $89 which includes not only tuition but also flowers, oasis and containers as well. For further information, please contact us at

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