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Floral Design Course Certificate Program

We Issue Certificates To Qualified Students


In accordance with a high demand for certificate programs, California Flower Art Academy issues its own certificate. Students often uses this certificate when they apply for a new job as a floral designer, flower decorator or wedding flower designer whatsoever. Some students use it when submitting an application to a local community college to enroll in a floral art related program because they are sometimes requested to submit an evidence showing that they learned flower arrangements and prove what level of flower arranging skills they earned at a school . Some students offer their own flower arranging classes and they display this certificate at the classroom. Certification programs are available for the under mentioned courses:

a. Certificates are issued to students who have completed the programs with a title of "COURSE". Even if
   a student has completed any Short seminar, one day seminar or any other program(s) without a title of
   "COURSE", they do not qualify to receive a certificate.

b. After completing all the curriculum of each course, students can apply for the final examination. If they
    passed the exam, they can apply for a certificate.   

c. The fees for this examination is separate and not included in the lesson fee announced on the internet

d. Students cannot apply for a certificate by skipping a preceding course certificate. For example, a
    student who has no certificate of Elementary Course cannot apply for Intermediate Course certificate
    unless he/she qualified to be enrolled in Intermediate Course by skipping Elementary Course.

e. The examination for the certificate issued by our school is done in English Language (unless the
    exam is done in Japan for Japanese residents in which case the exam is done in Japanese language)
    and also the wording printed on the certificate issued
by our school is written in English. However the
    exam for the license issued by Flower Decorators
Association is done in Japanese language only (see
    below). All the certificates shown in this page
(per photos in this page) are the ones issued by
    California Flower Art Academy in its name and under its
responsibilities (They have nothing to do with
    a license issued by Flower Decorators Association
by whom our school is authorized).

f.  Certificates introduced in this page are our school's own certificates and they have nothing to do with
    any government,
organizations or associations other than California Flower Art Academy and they are
    not accredited,
authorized or endorsed by any organizations, associations or entities other than our
    school except for a separate license issued by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo Japan) that
    authorizes California Flower Art Academy (Our school has a separate program to train students to get a
    license of European Floral Decorator certified by this association. Although all the tests for this
    association's license for arranging skills and techniques as well as written exam are done at our school
    in California, the written examinations imposed by this association is done in Japanese language only).

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