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How to enroll in our school

For people who are planning to join our school

In order for you to understand the procedures and our policy, we are pleased
to inform you as follows:

Since we are approached by many potential students on daily basis, we reserve
the rights for taking back up application/enrollment while we are providing
you with information for enrollment, which means we accept your application/
enrollment on FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.

We will reserve the space for your lesson and procure flower materials only
after we have received your CHECK (see below) because many "applicants"
do not show up in the class room at the time he/she promised, which makes
us waste flower materials and hurt our instructors' scheduled appointment.

We recommend most of students to start from Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary
Course (12 lessons: about 75 minutes for one lesson). If you want to try only one day seminar, you can join Weekend One Day Program. If you are at a loss about whether or not you should officially enroll at above Elementary Course, you can try Introductory Budget Program (about 2.5 Hour Trial Lesson for Elementary Course).

If you have decided which course and when you want to take, take following

1. Cut the check covering at least following fee:
a. Check Amount:
For Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course:$195-(50% of total fee)
For Weekend One Day Seminar: $150- (total fee)
For Table Arrangement Center Piece Program: $150- (total fee)
For Introductory Budget Program: $89- (total fee)

2. Make check payable to Mieko Hirano.

3. Send above check to CFAA at 1270 Albion Lane, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 together
with your memo showing the name and the time of the course you want to take
as well as your phone number.(Upon our receipt of your check, we will reserve the space for you and procure flower materials for your lesson)

If you have any questions, please contact us at the undermentioned e-mail address.            

For details about our school, visit us at