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Rule of California Flower Art Academy


To: Applicants                                                  May 1, 2009

The under-mentioned rule shall apply to students who belong to California Flower Art Academy (hereinafter called “school”). By affixing your signature at the bottom of this rule, you agree, intending to be legally bound, to the terms and conditions stated herein and be required to abide by these conditions.  

Rule 1.  Advance Payment:
In order to reserve the space for a student’s lesson, it is necessary for a student to make advance payment as stated below:

A. Introductory Trial Budget Program.......................$89 (full amount)
B. Weekend One Day Seminar................................$150 (full amount)
C. Table Arrangement Center Piece Program.................$150 (full amount)
D. Any other programs/courses which cost $150 or less.....full amount
E. Any other programs/courses which cost more than $150: At least 50% of total fee must be paid in advance. The balance amount must be paid in order to book the space of remaining lessons.

Rule 2.  Schedule Change:
In case a student needs to make a change of lesson schedule (which is already booked or fixed), it is necessary to request to school at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled lesson day. Although school tries to be as flexible as possible about a lesson schedule, school shall reserve the right to make a decision to accept or to refuse the request for schedule change at the full discretion of school. Student hereby agrees not to make unreasonable request for schedule change or on an excessively frequent basis although school does its best efforts to comply with a student’s request. School’s decision about schedule change shall be deemed final and binding students.  

Rule 3.  Curriculum Change:
It is a school’s policy that all the students should follow and digest (under instructions and directions of instructor) the curriculum established and provided by school. If each student wants to change school’s curriculum according to his/her wish, requirement or taste, subjects/floral designs learned by each student may result different from student to student which largely deviates from school’s basic policy. In the event that a student wants to learn any design(s) which is not included in the curriculum, it is necessary to take extra lesson after completing the curriculum. In this case, a student is required to make a special request to a school. Upon school’s receipt of such request, school shall decide whether or not such special request is granted at the full discretion of school. If the said special request is granted, the guide line of the fee for extra lesson is $37 (including flower materials) which must be additionally paid in advance by student and the fee of $37 shall be subject to change with or without notice.

Rule 4. Fee for lessons:
Unless otherwise clearly stated in the curriculum or written notification, the fee for lessons shall include only tuition and flower materials. Any and all fees stated below shall not be included in the fee published on the internet, search engines, directories, blog, email or school’s website.

A. Certificate Fee:
In order for school to issue a certificate, it is necessary for a student to take examination so that school can evaluate the student’s skill’s of floral designs required for a relevant program or course. To cover examination fee, flower materials for the examination and also manpower of instructor, extra administration fee and cost for issuing a certificate whatsoever, separate fee shall be additionally charged. Unless a student pays a certificate related fee, school shall not issue a certificate. Students agree not to make any argument or dispute regarding this school policy about certificate fee. In this connection, students shall have two options as stated below:

(a). To accept the certificate fee and pay the necessary amount to school and receive a certificate.

(b). To refuse the certificate fee. Refusing the certificate fee shall mean that a student shall not be entitled to receive a certificate from school. Student shall agree not to make any argument or dispute regarding this issue.

B. Any fee other than tuition, flower materials and certificate related fee:
All under-mentioned fees shall be additionally required:

a. Scissors: If a student needs to purchase scissors used for floral arrangement, the fee to buy such scissors shall be separate.

b. Vase, container, devices, tools or utensils/floral supplies: If a student needs to buy a special vase, container or some other items, the fee for buying such items shall be separate. Especially in case of taking Ikebana Arrangement Course, it uses special type of items which are totally different from regular flower arrangement(s). Therefore students learning Ikebana Arrangement are strongly requested to ask/check with an instructor beforehand about the extra fee mentioned above.

c. Pencil, pen, notebook and digital camera: These items should be prepared by each student at their own expense (digital camera is not mandatory). If student has his/her own digital camera, it is recommended to bring the camera to a classroom to keep a record of the image of his/her floral design work(s).

d. Any other fees which are not stated in the curriculum and/or in the above shall be separate (not included in published lesson fee).

Rule 5. Refund of Fee:
Once lesson fee is paid by student, school shall not refund it regardless of the situation. Therefore students should not settle the payment of lesson fee covering a long term schedule. School accepts partial payments. In the case of Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course, the payment of total fee of $390 can be made by dividing into two partial payments ($195 x 2 = $390).  Lesson fee of which total amount is $150 or less must be always paid in full without making partial payments.

Rule 6. Flowers:
Students must use flower materials prepared and provided by school. Student cannot change type of flowers according to his/her wish, favor or taste. Students should not make argument or dispute with an instructor, managing director or administration office staff regarding the choice/selection of flower materials used for a lesson. The reason behind this policy is that if each student can use different kind of flower at his/her discretion or choice, it will end up with totally disorganized result of each student doing a different floral design despite of attending the same course and school is totally unable to make orderly way of instructions following the curriculum established by school.

Rule 7. Examination:
In case student needs a certificate, school must make an examination to evaluate the flower arranging skills required for a relevant course/program. For this purpose, school will charge extra fee. The fee for this examination shall include certificate fee as well (see above section A of Clause 4). Student hereby agrees not to make any argument or dispute regarding this policy.

Rule 8. Focus on Floral Designs:
School’s basic mission is to provide students with lessons of floral designs. Students shall focus on the subject about how to do floral arranging and how to make floral decorations. As for other subjects not related with floral designs (subjects such as how to operate/run a florist, how to do floral business, where flowers should be procured at affordable prices, how to file sales tax return with state board of equalization, how to get a business license, how to get seller’s permit/resale license etc etc), students are recommended to get information from search engines on the internet by entering key words/phrases such as “flower market near San Jose”, “how to obtain business license in San Jose", “how to get seller’s permit in Santa Clara County”, “how to buy flowers at affordable prices in San Jose” etc etc. School is not engaged in offering consulting job for above mentioned matters. Some students try to spend time for getting such information at a classroom. This kind of attitude always bother not only instructor but also other students who want to concentrate on learning floral designs. Students should not bother and interfere with other students and instructors by asking above kind of questions UNLESS student’s instructor voluntarily talks about above mentioned subject(s).

Rule 9. Devote to learning and Follow instructor’s directions:
In order to implement an effective way of training and operation at a classroom, students shall be required to be devoted to learning floral designs by diligently following instructor’s instructions and directions and also refrain from a private and unnecessary chat between students and with an instructor. Furthermore, student must  follow his/her instructor’s directions not only regarding floral designs but also school administration and class operating policy. School’s Managing Director and Instructor as well as School’s Administration Office Staff shall have final authority regarding the conditions of class operation including but not limited to school rules, policies and administration of lessons whatsoever.

Rule 10. Change of Rule:
California Flower Art Academy shall reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete the terms and conditions of this rule in its part or whole at the full discretion of school. In case of change, it will take effect in seven days after announcement thereof.

Rule 11. Agreement to this rule:
By affixing student’s signature at the bottom of this rule, student agrees to abide by the rule and its related terms and conditions stated herein. It is fully up to a student whether or not he/she should join school by agreeing to the terms and conditions sated in this agreement. In the event that a student refuses to affix signature at the bottom of this rule, it is considered that student shall hereby waive his/her right to enroll in California Flower Art Academy.

I have read and understood what is written in the above. I hereby agree to be legally bound by the school rule and the related terms and conditions stated in the above.

Name of Student (Block) : ___________________________

Signature of Student:     ___________________________
Date of Signature:        ___________________________

(code: CFAA-Rule-most updated-May 1-09)

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