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Fees and Procedures for Getting Certificate

Follow the Under-mentioned Process for Getting Certificate

If you have attended all the lessons of any course and passed the final examination, you qualify to apply for a certificate. Even if you have completed a short program (such as a short seminar or one day seminar as well as any programs or courses which are not listed in this page), you cannot get a certificate. We would like you to pay special attention to what is described below:

A. Confirmation Letter from School:
Unless you passed the final examination described in this page, California Flower Art Academy shall not issue any confirmation letter stating that you completed a course or you satisfactorily completed all the requirements for a course because only students who successfully passed the final exam shall be considered to have satisfactorily completed all the requirements for a course. If you need this confirmation letter separately from a certificate, please contact administrative office about the issuing fee. A confirmation letter of any other kind or nature MAY (or MAY not) be issued at a certain amount of fee upon request from a person who learned at our school. The judgement and decision for issuing a confirmation letter shall be made at a full discretion of California Flower Art Academy. For questions, please contact

B. Certificate:
If you would like to get a certificate, it is necessary to follow the under-mentioned process:

1. Taking the Exam:
After attending all the lessons of each course, you take the final exam. You cannot apply for the exam by skipping to get the certificate of preceding (lower level of) course. For example, in order to apply for the exam of intermediate course, you must have already obtained a certificate of elementary course (You cannot take the exam of intermediate course by skipping to get a certificate of elementary course). For taking the exam, you must pay the exam fee and also the flower materials fee (see the fee section below).  

2. Passing the Exam:
After you pass the exam, you can make application for getting a certificate.

3. The Fee:
The fee for exam, exam flowers and issuing a certificate is not included in the announced lesson fees. The fee for taking the exam and getting a certificate is stated below. The under-mentioned fee covers all these fees in total:

Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course $80
Fresh Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course $100
Fresh Flower Arrangement Advanced Course $150
Fresh Flower Arrangement Instructor Course $200
Wedding Party Floral Arrangement Basic Course $80
Wedding Floral Decoration Advanced Course $100
Funeral Floral Design & Decoration Course $80
Funeral Floral Decoration Intermediate Course $100
Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course $80  
Ikebana Arrangement Intermediate Course $100
Ikebana Arrangement Advanced Course $100

* Remarks: The fees mentioned above shall be subject to change.

The design and color of each certificate are usually different from course to course. For further information about this, please visit the following page by clicking below:

For details about the type of certificate, visit