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Gallery I

Ikebana: Japanese traditional profound floral art

Large Designs for Hotel and Wedding Halls

3 Types of Fan Shaped Flower Arrangements

"S" Shaped Flower Arrangement

Sophisticated Candle Arrangement

Beautiful Bridal Bouquets Made At Our Classroom

Eye Catching Gorgeous Round Arrangement

Welcoming Guests With Floral Decorations

Entry Decoration in Symmetric Arrangement

Origin and History of Ikebana

How To Become A Florist: Required Conditions

A Variety of Wedding Floral Decorations

Looking For a Reliable Floral Design School ?

Are You On a Tight Budget ? Don't Worry !

Ikebana Arrangement with "Kenzan" and "Suiban"

Busy on Weekdays ? Join our Saturday Lessons.

Original Designs Featuring Large Green Materials

Triangular Flower Arrangement

Expanding Portfolio of Your Floral Designs

Idea for Vertical Flower Arrangement

Why California Flower Art Academy ?

Fruits and Vegetables Arrangement

Invest in Yourself to Earn Floral Design Skills

Smart Start for Ikebana Arrangement Lesson

Be Creative in Design and Skillful in Decoration

Hobby of Floral Design Makes Your Life Enriched & Fruitful

Bridal Bouquet for Wedding Floral Decorations

Highly Value-Added & High End Floral Designs

Duplicating Instructor's Design Is Key For Success

Enhance Skill of Floral Design By Teaching Others

Floral Design of Beautiful Color Coordination

Smart Start For A Floral Design Lesson

Floral Design Class: Easy Access to Table Arrangement

Ikebana: Cultural Background & Way of Arrangements

Modifying Ikebana Into European Designs

Floral Arrangement Using a Substitue Vase

Flower Decoration Without Vase & Oasis

Demand For Funeral Flowers Never Ends

Wedding Pomander & Flower Ball

Flower Decoration for Wedding Chairs

Flower Basket As a Gift For Your Friend

Making Easel Mounted Flower Wreaths

Bored With Flowers ? Then Use Vegetables

Ikebana Using Branches (Twigs) in Gaceful Curve

Lovely Floral Designs of Heart Shape

Make Flower Designs for Gift & Donation

Floral Design Short Term Program

Funeral Flowers Expand Business Possibilities

Make A Difference In Floral Art

Floral Design Skill Is A Lifetime Property

How To Make Flower Wreath

Are You Interested in Ikebana Arts ?

Certificate Issued by Our School

Garden Arrangement using vegetables & Fruits

Earn Skills to Make This Kind of Design

Prepared for Christmas Floral Decoration ?

Thanksgiving Dinner Table Decorated By You

Lessons for A Broad Range of Designs

Flower Decoration for Wedding Cake

One of A Kind Floral Design We Made

Color Lily Arrangement (Yellow)

Colorful Centerpiece Decoration You Like

Floral Pomander for A Bride At Wedding

You Can Make Vertical Arrangement Like This

Beautiful Table Arrangement At Wedding

Learn Color Coordination As Well

Two Regular Designs Side By Side

Small Class Makes Hands-On-Training Easy

Flower Basket Arrangement


Training For You To Make CORSAGE Like This

Christmas Floral Design You can make !

We Offer Wedding Floral Decorations

Dried & Silk Flowers Arrangement

CFAA's Unique Floral Design Instructions

Experienced Floral Design Studio & Workshops

Soft and Delicate Touch with Quality Floral Arranging

Floral Design By Sophisticated Color Combination

Special Gift Wrapping by Floral Decoration

Gift Wrapping Flower Decoration

Floral Artist Ms. Yumi Noda's Beautiful Design

How To Sign Up/How To Enroll

Why we recommend CFAA for you.

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