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Ikebana Short Program for $98 only

Easy Access to Ikebana Elementary Course

We are pleased to introduce our Brand New Program featuring Ikebana Arrangement. This program is offered at $98 including flower materials, KENZAN (needlepoint flower holder) and SUIBAN (flat type container specifically designed for Ikebana Arrangement). You can take a lesson from a well experienced Japanese Instructor who got a license and certification in Japan. Ikebana is part of Japanese traditional cultures. This arts requires even more profound and delicate sense and skills in its arrangement compared with a regular kind of flower arrangement. Although the skill,  technique and the way of arranging Ikebana is usually not utilized for typical business oriented floral decorations such as wedding or funeral flower arrangement or display and decoration at hotels etc in USA, many people still have keen interest in this particular Japanese floral art. Not only the skill and way of decorations but also tools, utensils, supplies and containers used for Ikebana are of a different kind compared with regular floral designs prevailing in Europe and USA. For Ikebana Arrangement, they use what is called "KENZAN" which is a needlepoint holder for holding flowers and flower stems. KENZAN is made of metal and it has tremendous number of needles. Due to its function and also the nature of material, it is heavy and not disposable. This is the biggest difference compared with "OASIS" which is used for a regular kind of floral arrangement. OASIS is made of chemical foam and it is very light and disposable. For holding flowers, flower stems are inserted into OASIS.  KENZAN is said to be more difficult to use for floral arrangement compared with OASIS. Another difference in utensil is a container/vase. For Ikebana arrangement, they often use flat container called "SUIBAN" which is designed specifically for Ikebana Arrangement and totally different from a regular kind of vase. Additional difference can be found in the history and a life style behind Ikebana arrangement. Most of young ladies who grew up in a decent level of society in Japan were required to earn the skill of Ikebana arrangement before getting married. Namely Ikebana was considered one of mandatory subjects young women should learn before getting married until around 40-50 years ago. By making the best use of Ikebana skills they learned before marriage, they could make interior floral decoration at home after getting married. Nowadays in Japan, European style of contemporary floral design (In Japan they call it just "Flower Arrangement" which does not mean IKEBANA but contemporary floral designs) is more popular although Ikebana used to be mainstream until about 25 to 30 years ago. By knowing above situation, if you are interested in Ikebana and want to acquire skills for making Ikebana arrangement, we are more than happy to help you by educating you based on hands on training or person to person instructions. California Flower Art Academy is pleased to announce a Brand New Program called "Ikebana Short Program" which is offered at $98 including flower materials, KENZAN and also SUIBAN introduced above. By attending this program, you will learn entry level of two kinds of Ikebana Arrangements spending about 2.5 hours. This short program is part of Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course (offered for $210). You can join this short program as a trial lesson for evaluating our way of instruction and the quality of our lesson. If you feel comfortable and satisfied with our way of instructions, you can transfer to Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course. By rolling over to this elementary course, you can make the best use of above mentioned KENZAN and SUIBAN you already got at Ikebana Short Program. And all you need to pay for the lesson of this elementary course is additional $151 only. California Flower Art Academy has been educating uncoutable number of students since 1990 in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Our school is authorized by Flower Decorators Association which is one of the best established and prestigious floral associations in Japan. You will enjoy a training by our Ikebana Instructor who has over 30 year experience as Ikebana instructor. Lessons are offered at our San Jose main classroom and also Burlingame extension class (located in San Mateo County near San Francisco Airport). If you would like to join Ikebana Short Program, send email to  We help you make a difference in floral art.
From Left to Right: KENZAN, OASIS, SUIBAN

For details about our school, visit

Session of Making Silk Flower Which Lives "Forever"

You don't need to supply water to keep "flower's life"

Since fresh flowers are alive, you need to supply water to keep their life. However they will eventually die and you are totally unable to appreciate the floral designs for such a long period as 3 to 4 weeks. In this sense, silk flower does not need any troublesome "maintenance" after you have completed the designs. More than one year ago, a lady living in Guam gave us an enquiry about learning silk flower arrangement saying that there were no classes, schools or seminars of silk flower making in Guam and she wanted to learn it. A few weeks later, she came over to the San Francisco Bay Area where our school is located. She took a short course of silk flower making and looked very satisfied with our lesson. Apart from silk flowers, another type of long life flower design is dried flowers. It takes a long time to make dried flowers if counting the time for drying flowers. However once they are completed, you do not have to worry about supplying water and they usually "live" long. You may see some deterioration in a color after a long period of time has passed. Silk flower could be a "easier" design in terms of time spent for making it and deterioration of colors. If you are interested in learning silk flower arrangement, just email to

For further details about our school, visit our website

Invitation To Affordable Flower Arranging Workshops

Session by Bay Area

California Flower Art Academy is an experienced floral design school and flower arranging studio serving the Greater San Francisco (San Mateo County) and Silicon Valley (San Jose in Santa Clara County). In addition to regular flower arrangement lessons, we offer a variety of floral designing workshops at affordable prices. The fees indicated by our school covers not only tuition but also flower materials. When attending classes offered by local community colleges, lecture fees do not cover flower materials. And students are required to purchase flowers by themselves at a regular floral shop at expensive prices. In our case, school purchases flowers at a flower market which makes it possible for us to offer affordable lesson fees to our students. In addition to the advantage of affordability of tuition, students can learn floral designs at very small scale class which usually has only several students. We make it a rule to limit the maximum number of students up to six (6) per class whereby we can offer person to person HANDS ON TRAINING and keep the quality of lessons. It is extremely difficult to acquire the real skills of floral designs and flower arrangements from a mass educational systems or internet online courses. Although the advertisements made by organizations offering online courses look very attractive and many people misunderstand that they can earn practical skills of flower arranging from internet lessons without getting ONE ON ONE hands on training at a real classroom. In order for school owner to  make money easily, online education may be very effective. The foregoing comment does not mean that ONELINE EDUCATION DOES NOT HELP AT ALL. Of course if students are very resourceful and if he/she takes any supplemental lessons, it MIGHT be possible to acquire skills of floral designs. For learning and earning flower designing skills, it is necessary to make an effective way of approach  
different from the way adopted for learning "psychology". We are very proud that our students actually acquire skills and know-how of flower arranging by taking lessons at our class room. We offer a wide range of courses and programs from introductory to instructor program, wedding floral decoration to funeral arrangement, contemporary European style designs to Traditional Japanese Ikebana Arts, fresh flower to dried/silk flower arrangements. Classes are available seven days a week either at our San Jose main classroom (near Cupertino) or Burlingame extension class (near San Francisco Airport). Most of students who enroll in our school have never learned any official lessons of floral designs in the past. You can start from Introductory Program for only $89
(flower materials included). By attending this program, you learn two kinds of designs and you can evaluate our way of instruction and the quality of our lesson. If you feel comfortable are satisfied with our lesson, you can roll over to Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary course. In this kind of roll over enrollment, all you have to pay is just the additional $321, which is good for you to reduce a "risk" in making judgement. If you are interested in joining our school, please email to the undermentioned email address for raising any questions or setting up appointment with our instructor. We help you make a difference in floral art.

For details about our school, visit our website

Wedding Centerpiece Decoration Seminar for $150 Only

Can Be Used for Decoration of Any Kind of Event & Party

If you are interested in wedding floral decoration, we can recommend you to join this special seminar featuring table arrangement centerpiece decoration. This arrangement can be used for wedding reception, wedding party and also other decorations of any kind of event or party such as a birthday, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and Mother's Day party whatsoever. Since many people want to learn floral decoration for a wedding party by skipping Elementary Course, we set up this special seminar which is about 3-4 hour lesson to learn 3 different kinds of table arrangements. As a matter of fact, centerpiece arrangement is good for entry level students and we pick up 3 types of designs which can be recommended to entry level of students. If you are scheduling to hold a home party or wedding party etc., you can do the table decoration by yourself. In the case of wedding party, you do floral decoration by yourself and have a professional floral designer for the rest of decorations whereby you can minimize the cost for wedding decorations. This seminar is held on weekend at our San Jose (Sunday) and Burlingame (Saturday) class room. All you have to pay for attending this seminar is  $150 including tuition and  flower materials fee. California Flower Art Academy has been educating uncountable number of students since 1990. You can take lessons from a well experienced licensed flower arranging instructor by joining our school. If you are interested in joining this seminar, send us an e-mail to the undermentioned e-mail address.
We look forward to working with you soon.

For details about our school, visit

Practical Floral Business Seminar

Minimum 10 Students Required To Hold This Seminar

Attention Business Owners or Future Business Owners !

There are so many keys for successful operation of florist or flower designing
company. If you already acquired a skil of making floral designs or flower arrangements for wedding or funeral, you now have lots of potential for you to make money by starting your own floral business. In order to start your own business, there are mandatory legal conditions which must be satisfied before opening your own florist or floral business. We are more than happy to teach you about HOW TO START YOUR FLORAL BUSINESS and HOW TO DO SUCCESSFUL OPERATION
OF YOUR FLORAL BUSINESS in this seminar. Please go through the following information:

1. Who can qualify to attend this seminar ?
(a) Students who already completed following courses at our school:
Case A. Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course and Intermediate Course
Case B. Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course and Wedding Floral Decoration Course
Case C. Other students who earned certain number of credits/units at our school.
(b) Applicants who did not learn floral design at our school but already
acquired flower arrangement skills (In this case the special rate of tuition does not apply).

2. Tuition:
Students who acquired floral desigsn skills at our school.....SPECIAL RATE $350-
Students who did not acquire floral design skills at our school............$595-

3. How long doest it take to finish the seminar ?
It takes about 7 hours.

4. Curriculum: What are you going to learn ?

(1) What must be done in order to start a floral business ?
The mandatory conditions which must be satisfied so that you can legally run
a florist or you can legally work as a floral designer.
(2) How to obtain a business license ?
(3) The easiest way to legally start your business.
(What is the sole proprietary ? Merit and demerit)
(4) You can name your own business in various ways
(You can legally own your business name as many as you like. How to do this ?)
(5) How to procure/buy flower materials at dealer prices ?
(6) How to obtain a seller’s permit ?
(7) What must be done in order to legally keep a seller’s permit ?
How to write/fill out the sales tax application (State Board of Equalization)
(8) How to set up the price when selling flowers ?
(9) Which has more demand, wedding or funeral design ?
(10) How to increase the visibility and awareness of your business in the market ?
(advertisement and marketing)
(11) The easiest way for you to have your own website (the most affordable way
and most convenient way)
(12) How to increase the visibility of your own website in the internet world ?
(Even if you have made your own website, you cannot gather customers unless your
website has high visibility. How to solve this problem ?)

5. What if you want to learn only a part of the program ?
If you feel you need to attend only a part of the above-mentioned curriculums, we will consider to give you a discount. The tuition will be decided case by case.

6. When is this seminar held ?
Depending on the number of applicants and the convenience of applicant(s), the school will decide the day and time case by case.

7. You can acquire very practical knowledge necessary for starting and running your own floral business by attending this seminar.

If you have any particular questions regarding this seminar, please contact (We accept your questions only by e-mail).

As to the details about our school, visit

Introductory Budget Seminar only for $89

For you to evaluate our instruction

You have just found one of the best experienced floral design schools
in California. We are pleased to help you become a floral designer.
If you are wondering whether or not you should enroll at our school,
you can try our INTRODUCTORY BUDGET SEMMINAR as stated below:

(1) Purpose:
We help you evaluate our instruction and way of teaching of floral design
before you make official enrollment at our school.

(2) Budget:
All you have to spend is only $89- covering two lessons (for learning two kinds of floral designs. One lesson lasts 75 to 90 minutes making total lesson time
2.5 to 3 hours). The total amount $89 covers tuition and flower materials fee.

(3) Location:
This Introductory Floral Design Seminar is held at our Class Room stated
A. San Jose (in Silicon Valley): 7280 Blue Hill Drive #7, San Jose, CA 95129
B. Burlingame (near San Francisco Airpor): 831 Mitten Rd. Suite 204, Burlingame
CA 94010

(4) Credit/Unit:
You can earn two credits (two units) by attending this trial program. And
if you decide to continue taking further lessons, the units (two credits)
you earned from this trial program will be counted as a part of total credit
required for completing Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course. As to the
fee when taking this Elementary Course after completing introductory program, all you have to pay is just additional $321.

(5) Introductory to Elementary Course:
This program can be used for you to evaluate our way of instruction which
is based on hands on training. Our instructor will train you well considering
the level of each student's understanding and progress.

(6) Small Class:
Unlike local community colleges' floral design classes, we adop very small
scale class. The typical number of students is 2-6 students per class in
order to keep the high quality of instruction.

(7) Want to talk with us ?
If you have any specific questions and want to talk with us, you can call the
managing director (Mieko Hirano) on 408-859-7812.

* Remarks:
(a) Above fee/prices are subject to change without notice.
(b) We accept enrollment on FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.

If you are interested in this BUDGET SEMINAR for only $89-, contact us at undermentioned e-mail ( so that we will set up your trial lesson.

Mieko Martha Hirano
Managing Director
California Flower Art Academy

For details about our school, visit us at

Weekend One Day Seminar of Floral Arrangement

This seminar is offered at San Jose and Burlingame

To people who would like to join one day seminar:

CFAA (California Flower Art Academy) is pleased to announce that we will hold a short program per one day seminar according to the following schedule:

* When: Every Saturday (at Burlingame) and every Sunday (at San Jose)
* Where: At our San Jose main classroom (7280 Blue Hill Drive, San Jose, CA 95129) and also at our Burlingame extension class (831 Mittend Road Suite 203, Burlingame CA 94010). If you would like to know the exact location, visit our
website and check with index of "LOCATION".
* How much: $150.00/student including tuition, flower materials.
* How many hours: About 3-4 hours (It depends on number of students)
* Time Frame: From 10:00am (lunch break noon to 1:00pm)
* Way of instruction: One on one and person to person lesson
* How many students: small class (Max 6 students per class)
* What kind of arrangement: Easy to Arrange Design. Subject is different from
 seminar to seminar
* How to apply: Visit our website and fill out the form of "BE A MEMBER"
 and submit to our school on the internet OR let us know by e-mail. At the
 same time send a check for $150- to CFAA at 1270 Albion Lane, Sunnyvale, CA
* First come first served: Upon our receipt of your check, you will be
 considered to have been officially enrolled in this seminar. Since the
 number of seats is limited, we will process your application on "first come,
 first served" basis.

In addition to Weekend One Day Seminar, we are offering regular classes, lessons and instructions from elementary to instructor course AND from wedding
to funeral decoration course by inviting students from the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley covering the following cities:

San Francisco, Daly City, San Mateo, Burlingame, Millbrae, Brisbane, South San Francisco, San Carlos, Redwood City, Woodside, Atherton, Sunnyvale, Menlo Park, Stanford, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, Santa Clara, Los Altos Hills, San Jose, Cupertino, Saratoga, Campbell, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Fremont etc etc.
If you are located close to the San Francisco Airport, you are recommended to join our regular class held at our Burlingame Extension Class.

CFAA has been training uncountable number of students who would like to become a floral artist, floral designer, wedding floral decorator or flower arranging instructor. The easiest way for enhancing your sense of art is to get along with well experienced artists and designers. Our instructors and artists are
happy to offer you a quality flower designing instruction.
Thank you.

Mieko Martha Hirano
Floral Designer & Managing Director  

If you are interested in flower arranging programs/lessons, visit

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