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Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course for $298

For You to Acquire Skills of Wedding Floral Decorations

CFAA (California Flower Art Academy: Bay Area's Floral Design School & Studio) is pleased to announce a special event course offering the class for Wedding Flower Arrangement as described below. One of the most popular jobs for people who have mastered a high level of floral design is Wedding Floral Decoration which is very creative, exciting and profitable. CFAA is pleased to help you engage in this lucrative wedding business by offering instructions for wedding decorations based on the Step-By-Step and ONE ON ONE instructions.


Following 6 kinds of decorations are included. Each Decoration requires one lesson of approximately 75 minutes. Total amount of tuition including materials cost is $298.00 to attend all the classes for this course. The fee for certificate is separate. In order to join this course, students must have already completed CFAA's Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course (For details,click the site address shown at the bottom of this page) or must have the same level of flower arranging skill as completed the said Elementary Course. If you believe you have skills enough to start with this course by skipping Elementary Course, please consult our managing director.

Bouquet (Oasis Holder Bouquet OR Hand-tied Bouquet)
Flower Basket
Centerpiece Arrangement
Main Table Arrangement
Wedding Cake Decoration

(1) Certificate fee is not included in above mentioned lessons fee.
(2) In order to obtain a certificate for completing the course, students are required to take the final exam after attending all the lessons and need to pass it. The fee for this final exam and issuing a certificate will be separately charged.
(3) Only students who passed this final exam shall be considered to have satisfactorily completed all the requirements for the course.

In order for you to acquire a wider range of wedding flower arrangement, we recommend you to join Wedding Ceremony Arrangement Course as well. As to details about this course, visit the page stated below.

For details about various courses we offer, visit

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