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Mieko Martha Hirano
Mieko Martha Hirano was born in Tokyo. Since she was at High School, she has been learning various kinds of Floral Arrangement. Therefore her career as a Floral Artist is more than 35 years.
  Since she came to the USA in 1987, she has been living in San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley). She is multi-talented as the following licenses and qualifications show:
  • Certified Floral Arrangement Instructor authorized by FDA (Flower Decorators Association, Tokyo Japan).
  • Certified Japanese IKEBANA Instructor authorized by Yanagi Koryu School.
  • Certified Instructor of Japanese Tea Ceremony authorized by Omote Senke Seiha School.
  • Certified Instructor and First Class Examiner of Japanese KIMONO wearing manner authorized by Japan KIMONO Association Naganuma Shizu KIMONO School.

  While she is running CFAA (California Flower Art Academy) in San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley), she is operating NASBAC (Division of CFAA: North American Shadow Box Academy California).
  She took the lecture by Ms. Virginia Farewell, Ms. Louis Hillis (AIFD) and Mr. Dries Alterts (International Education Center in Netherlands).
  She holds various kinds of seminars and shows in San Francisco Bay Area as well as in Japan from time to time.

career in the USA
2001   Participated in the Special Wedding Party held at San Francisco Palace Hotel
1998   Held the Special Flower Arrangement Seminar at Yomiuri Hall in Tokyo Japan
1998   Started the San Francisco Extension Class in Burlingame
1997   Participated in Florence Masked Ball held by Santa Clara County Government
1997   Held Arts and Crafts Show in San Francisco Bay Area
1996   Participated in Shadow Box Art Contest as a Flower Decorator
1996   Participated in San Jose Opera Show held by Italian American Heritage Foundation
1995   Participated in San Francisco Bay Area Italian Festival as a Flower Decorator
1995   Participated in Medici Masked Ball (as a decorator) held under the auspices of Santa Clara County
1994   Held a Flower Arrangement Show in San Francisco Bay Area
1993   Started Floral Display at Waterford Wedgwood Show Room at Valley Fair
1992   Flower Arrangement Demonstrator at Stanford University International Festival
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